IoT in Action - Microsoft Smart Cities Conference

Updated: Feb 11

Last Monday, on the 27th of January, we decided to leave our nice and warm TS building at the Nike EHQ in Hilversum, and listen to some really interesting guys from the IT sector. The Internet of Things conference, organized by Microsoft, was an opportunity for us to learn more about the technological developments, applied in the designing of Amsterdam and other big cities, as well as commercial buildings. We have gained some extra insight on innovative tech products which could be part of our own projects in the future. One of the most applicable ideas for us, was an introduction of sensors that control temperature and light depending on the people's presence in the room. Sustainability and cost/energy savings could be enormous! Some of the other cool innovative solutions we have learned about included: plants generating electricity, a new CCTV systems for the detection of criminal activities, the system developed to help cleansing Amsterdam from too many commercial banners, or the traffic light system detecting elderly, handicapped, and other people needing more time to cross the road.

On top of the tech novelties and developments that were presented to us, we have also gathered some extra tips on the business operations in general. For instance:

"Having a partnership network is an imperative for coming up with unique solutions to unique problems"

"Every single leader on the team should be on the same page about what we are trying to accomplish. The knowledge of organization's culture is therefore the key. Without vision and strategy, business cannot be developed"

"Whatever you are interested in - take 15 minutes just to think about it. Then, let it develop."

At one of the symposiums we were given an appealing opportunity to attend a free course on AI Technology. For those of you who are still hungry for knowledge and would like to obtain a free certification from the Microsoft AI Business School, go to:

It is truly awesome to be able to gather knowledge from those, who operate in a slightly different environment than ours. One of the main premises of this project is to get inspired, and to develop more of an innovative mindset. Looks like we are on the right track!


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