TEAM Project Kick-Off presentation highlights

Updated: Feb 11

Last Wednesday, on the 29th of January, we introduced our project to the team. To break the ice (and due to Javier's generosity) we started off with a Marshmallow Challenge, the prize for which were two Apple TVs!

So what happens when a group of construction project managers competes to build the highest pasta tower? Exactly what you would expect - within 18 minutes we had 7 impressive creations. There were triangles, there were tubes, there was a chair-supported construct, and there were twist and turn extravagant assemblies! Our congratulations go to Lucia and Marnus for the smart and strong design, which resulted in an excellent pasta-marshmallow implementation. Well done!

The premise of this project is very straight-forward: we have created a platform for innovation, cooperation and both personal and team development. Our main goal is to co-create the better future for our organizations: Nike and Hill International. In order to strengthen this unique partnership, we focus on maintaining what we've been doing great, and on improving what we could be doing even better.

Our project is divided in 4 streams:



Team Growth,

Team Building.

In the DATABASE we will consolidate all the work from the past, as well as the documents from the TEAM Project itself.

We will synchronize our mindset to focus on INNOVATION. This project is the first step in our attempt to adopt new methods and techniques in the operational dimension of our team. Every couple of weeks we will hold RADION INNOVATION Session (look at that linguistic novelty!) in which we will be giving presentations and trainings on desired topics (VALUES).

We will GROW as Individuals, Team, AND the two organizations that we work for. Firstly, we are going to implement the Peer-to-Peer learning system: every member of our team will give one presentation on their field of expertise (Stay tuned for the agenda that we will publish next week!). Secondly, we will get exposed to the outside world by attending conferences and think tanks. The more you feed the team beast, the more it grows!

Finally, we will focus on the fun part of our job - we will decide on fun stuff to do outside of work to get to know each other better and amplify our communication skills.

After gathering your feedback this week, we will share the plan of action.... Thus fasten your seat belts ladies and gentlemen, because this is going to be quite a ride!


Any questions? Suggestions? Comments?

Don't hesitate to contact Aleks!


Curious how much of your time are you going to spend on our TEAM Project?

Take a look at our project's time allocation assessment!